Publishing a written book is a heady experience, however, there are also other ways to bring your story to the masses. Audiobooks are a great way to help people who may be visually impaired get their daily dose of the written word. Audiobooks are also ideal for those who like to zone out and tune in during their daily commute or while they are doing anything else that may keep their hands engaged. Self-publishing your audiobook is a bit different than self-publishing, but we have put together an easy-to-understand guide that will tell you everything you need to know about audiobooks.

How Popular are Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are currently rising in popularity, however, only 10% of books actually have an audio version available. In the past, many publishers assumed that only older people or those who had trouble reading would be interested in audio versions of most books. This way of thinking not only made those interested in audiobooks embarrassed about their desires, but it also didn’t encourage authors to pay attention to the audio medium. These days, modern technology and easy access to self-publishing tools have helped the niche grow by leaps and bounds.

The Cost of Audiobooks

Thanks to the increased usage and the wide availability of audiobooks and audio programs across devices, the sale of audiobooks has grown exponentially. This fast growth has also brought down the overall cost so much that millions of titles are available for download for no more than a few dollars a month via subscription services. With the cost so low that it is affordable for just about anyone who is interesting in hearing their favorite books in audio form, the niche is becoming even more popular with authors from all walks of life.

Popular Audiobook Content Genres

Although audiobooks, in general, are increasing in popularity, there are some genres that perform better than others. The most popular books downloaded in the audio form are suspense, thrillers, and mystery novels. Sci-fi & fantasy are also widely popular and tend to get more engagement and active reviews than any other type. If you are a writer who favors any of the categories, converting your manuscript to audio form is an easy way to increase your fan base without releasing new titles.

Does Book Length Affect Popularity?

Most readers will happily dive into a long book even if it takes them several weeks or even months to finish. The experience that comes from reading a physical book is much different than having a story read to you while you are engaged in other activities. Shorter novels tend to do much better as audio titles with just under half of the purchases being books that are three hours long or less. That is not to say longer books won’t sell, only that they have a much smaller market reach than books that can be completed in a few days at the most.

The Cost of Creating a Self-published Audiobook

Like with traditional self-publishing, there are costs involved with making an audiobook on your own. You can edit, narrate, and publish your manuscript on your own with just some audio equipment and a solid editing program. This will cost anywhere from $200 to $600 depending on the quality of equipment you purchase. Hiring someone to narrate on your behalf will increase the cost by $1,000 to $2,000 while hiring a production company will raise it even further to as much as $5000. Marketing cost and advertising are separate which will vary depending on your needs. Regardless of the cost or publishing options you choose, transforming your manuscript into an audio title is a great way to grow your audience organically.